We sneak into the flirtatious house of Ms. Pérez

We sneak into the flirtatious house of Ms. Pérez

Sometimes brand new floor does not mean getting it right. Davinia, the owner of this flirtatious Alicante home, or her alter ego, Ms. Pérez, a lover of decoration and DIY as she shows and demonstrates in her blog, knows it well. Davinia and her partner bought this apartment of 90 m2 and newly built 10 years ago, but their materials and finishes seemed outdated. The style of the 90s surfaced in every corner, so the young blogger decided that instead of replacing the coverings (they were new and it was a rush!) I was going to transform them to your liking. Now the house, equipped with living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms and 3 bedrooms, has a look most current and, what is better, with hardly any works.

With the change of furniture, the nordic style vintage -almost at the same time that his dog Leftovers- settled to stay. The smooth walls were painted in a color between beige and powdery pink, which changes according to daylight. The doors of natural wood they lit white and the terrazzo floor is now a porcelain stoneware That imitates wood. The presence of vinyl on walls and furniture star the changes in the kitchen, bedroom and workshop. Most of the furniture is low cost with a personal touch; like the already famous Kallax bookshelf, from Ikea, from the living room. Others are vintage restored, like the old Provencal dining room table (now nordic) or the headboard of the bed. The rest of the decorative pieces are the work of Davinia.

Advertising - Keep reading below Scandi style table

The beige and blue stripes of an outdoor rug bring a breath of fresh air to the living room. To emphasize the marine environment, white wooden furniture has been chosen that harmonize perfectly, like this scandi style table, from Amazon.

A movie theater
A sofa with footrest, a Nordic coffee table and a sailor striped rug furnish the pleasant living room. The floor lamp and the luminous letter on the wall give the cinematic touch. Carpet and floor lamp, of

New kitchen without works

The cherry-colored furniture, a fruit border and the red stoneware floor made the kitchen an old-fashioned and dark room. Davinia transformed it by painting the furniture with Chalk Paint in white, with a vinyl of hydraulic tiles to hide the border and with a vinyl PVC laminate in a gray tone, more suffered. Floor and hydraulic valance, by Leroy Merlin.


In front of the living room, the dining room reappears with a new look: the bookcase now has leather wheels and handles, and the drawers have been painted gray in an aged finish, like the vintage dining room table. Shelving Kallax, from Ikea.

Presence echo
The plants are spread throughout the house. Here we see them on the floor, on the shelf or on the table. Chairs Tower wood, from Monstera leaf, from Ikea.

Headboard restored

The tables arranged on both sides of the bed have undergone a slight transformation: the front of the drawer has been lined with a vinyl paper that simulates wood. Instead of lamps, it was decided to fix on the wall some squares from which the cable ending in a bulb hangs.

Headboard restored
In the master bedroom a vintage style prevails thanks to the wicker headboard, restored by the owner herself, and to the custom bedside tables. Squares and bedside tables Seal (€ 29.99), from Ikea. Bed structure, from and cushions, from H&M and Pimkie.

Vintage bathroom

Small and without windows, the bathroom in the master bedroom underwent a spectacular change. The tiles in beige and wenge were painted in white and mint green to enlarge it and illuminate it visually. And the mirror frame was painted in a blue pickling that gives it an aged appearance. Ikea washbasin cabinet and vanity mirror. The towels are from Zara Home.

Polka dot vinyl

A narrow, full-length, hand-made mirror was fixed on the wall by the bedroom door. Around it was decorated randomly with moles-shaped vinyl stickers, of

Knitting details
One of the walls was decorated with a macramé hippy tapestry and a straw hat. On the bed, a tang blanket, and on the floor, an ethnic rug; both, in black and white tones. Tapestry and plaid, by Pimkie.

DIY mini shelf

Davinia wanted to give her creative workshop a new look. And he did it by painting a pastel geometric figure on the wall. He only needed bodybuilder tape to draw the triangle and Chalk Paint mint. Two hands of paint, yes, respecting the drying time between both and go!

DIY mini shelf
In one of the rooms Davinia has set up his inspiration workshop. Here he has done much of the crafts that decorate his house, such as the simple wall shelf from a board and some ropes. Series cabinet Ivar, from Ikea. Round carpet, from Pimkie. Wicker basket, Deco & Living.

Moodboard with soul

Next to the window, Davinia set up a narrow Nordic bill desk, a design chair and a DIY wall organizer, such as the pom pom cushion. Desk Chair Tolix, from Chest of drawers Moppe, from Ikea. Yellow Flexo, by Maisons du Monde.

Decorated wall

Next to the closet was placed a shelf with shelves of the same style, to store work material. One of the walls was decorated with vinyl stickers in the form of mini triangles winking at the figure in front. Ivar bookshelf, from Ikea. Vinyl Triangles, from Stripes and flamenco boxes, from

Housing plan

Home distribution plan.