What to do to make your house smell good

What to do to make your house smell good

The smell of a place is one of the most important aspects to feel comfortable in it. In this article we review some of the most conflictive areas of the house and how to keep them at bay (olfactoryly speaking).

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It is essential to renew the air at home daily throughout the year (yes, also when it is cold). Leave the windows open and try to create a stream. With 10 minutes it will be enough.

The kitchen

It is one of the places where more smells come together and the one we have to take care of the most. Be sure to keep the sink and pipes clean (pipeline liquids work miracles), wash the garbage can every week and sprinkle some baking soda inside to deodorize and use a specific product to clean the dishwasher.

Pantry and refrigerator

The places where we store food deserve special attention: In the pantry, use boxes to prevent odors from different foods from mixing and clean the shelves often to eliminate food debris. In the refrigerator, watch fresh products (especially fruits and vegetables) to prevent them from rotting and smelling. There are special air fresheners for refrigerators capable of trapping all odors.

Wash zone

Leave the washer door open to dry and it doesn't smell bad. If you have not done this and it is too late to avoid the smell, do a wash only with white vinegar to end all bacteria. Dirty clothes waiting to be washed can also be a focus of bad odors. Choose a closed storage and never put clothes that are wet.


All home textiles are prone to trap odors, especially carpets. Vacuum and clean them often and use products that eliminate odors.


If you let your pet get on the couch, opt for a removable one and wash the pillows often. Give him a bath and put his bed in the washing machine once a week.

Second hand furniture

There is nothing more satisfying than finding a treasure of the past in a market or in a app secondhand. But by taking it home we can bring with it some unwanted smell. Clean it thoroughly and leave it well protected in the open air for a few days until all odors are neutralized.

Very easy

Write down these two simple tricks so that your house always smells fresh: Hide soap bars in the corners of your home (one for every 9 square meters) and put vinegar in a bowl overnight in the room you want to deodorize.

New aromas

Once you have eliminated the bad smells, introduce your favorite aromas with candles, flowers and air fresheners.