A house in the city ... with patio!

A house in the city ... with patio!

The arrival of his second son was decisive to start looking for a new home. The apartment in which Sofia and David lived had style and was ideal, but not big enough. Since it was time to change, they would choose a bright one with enough space for the children. They immediately started looking for low floors, thinking about conditioning their exterior. Through an ad in the newspaper they found this house although, on their first visit, they were disappointed by its deterioration. They had to do another one, this time accompanied by an architect friend, who immediately realized the potential of the house with high roof and an almost square floor, Easy to redistribute.

A comprehensive reform of ten months managed to extract the best of the house and change it radically. The first step, tear down the wall that separated the house from the patio and change it to a large glass facade, to take advantage of the extraordinary luminosity, and gain visual depth by converting the outer space into an extension of the interior.

The second, to organize in another way its plant so that it was oriented towards the patio. Therefore, the new distribution divides the house into two halves, on the left, the common areas, and on the right, the bedrooms. Between them, a volume occupied by the kitchen, projected with a few meters with the idea of ​​making more life in the dining room and patio.

As to the decoration, highlights the naturalness of the environments, the furniture mix vintage and the visual impact of some details, such as large-format photographs of the living room and dining room. The height of the ceiling was shown as an indisputable ally to enhance the light coming from the patio, but also to make the most of the space. It happened in the dining room, with the design of a large bespoke bookstore, and also in the master bedroom, where an L-shaped loft was projected, to win a dressing room. Spectacular.

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In the patio this flirty oasis was projected to cool off in the hottest months. It is formed by a small glass covered with gresite in several tones and two sculptures of lions on pedestals; All this becomes a nod to the beauty of a classic ornamental fountain.

A room connected to the outside

The glazed facade, with sliding doors, was one of the keys to the reform of this floor.It occupies the place of an old wall that did not enhance the best of the house: the patio, the abundant luminosity and the ceiling height. With the change, the visual depth increases, and also the feeling of spaciousness.

A courtyard with a very festive air

It is a green & fresh space, which the family uses whenever the weather accompanies, day and night. The couple who lives in this house wanted a cheerful atmosphere for their two children; they got it with garlands; one of them combines light bulbs of different colors.
Tulip table and Bertoia chairs, 50s designs, edited by Knoll.

A small garden

Several mini cacti coexist next to the tall plants. How to highlight them? With pots of different color and an original backdrop: an old orange sign, which covers them.

Pieces here and there

The decoration of the living is based on the mixture of pieces of origin and diverse materials. The sofa was commissioned from a carpenter and the vintage armchair, acquired in a syringe, was reupholstered. The coffee tables, in ultra-thin steel, are a wedding gift.
Photography, by Ignacio Gurruchaga.

Caprice furniture

The owner saw this retro armchair in a loft and fell in love with him. The idea of ​​combining two upholsteries seeks to enhance your silhouette and get a new look. Behind, the closet where the family keeps movies and music.

Very personal corners

Two showcases coming from his previous house, integrate well in a small section of wall, anteroom of the patio. In the gap between them, David, the owner of the house, parks his bicycle.

Protagonist in the dining room

A large format photograph focuses attention in the dining room, decorated with a glass and aluminum table and retro, reupholstered chairs. The image is framed with a bespoke bookstore, where numerous familiar objects and memories stand out. A rolling screen was installed on the photograph, perfect for projecting films.
Photography, by Alejandro Kuropatwa.

Photography, by Alejandro Kuropatwa

With charm. The photograph of a water lily grabs attention at first sight in the bookstore. However, a closer look discovers the charm that brings the mix of some familiar objects and memories.

Original doors

Special in size and custom made, they are elegant designs that emphasize the height of the house. The glass in the access to the kitchen leads the natural light inside. On the left, the distributor that leads to the bedrooms.

Kitchen and bar

In the new distribution, the kitchen occupies the center of the house and has access to living room and dining room. On one of its walls it was fully successful when opening a bay and designing a bar with bar furniture. More functionality in a small space.
The four paintings on the shelf are by the artist Isabel Moltó.

A bedroom with two heights

An L-shaped loft, equipped with closets, is a formidable dressing room that doubles the storage capacity in the master bedroom. Under that overhang, the space is also optimized with a glazed bathroom, to take advantage of natural light, and another built-in wardrobe front.

Leather upholstered headboard

Elegant and with a timeless design and easy to combine with pieces of different style, harmonizes in this environment with the classic bedside tables. To highlight, the visual impact of the table lamps for their blue color and geometric bases.

Bedroom overlooking the pool

The glass wall provides extra spaciousness and luminosity to the bedroom. The staircase, with sculptural lines, and the attic were chosen in white to lighten their visual weight and not reduce clarity. The room becomes a wellness area with direct access to the pool.

Reading corner in the bedroom

The bedroom chaise longue is a classic by Charles and Ray Eames, edited by Vitra, which offers maximum comfort. Ideal for reading, relaxing and disconnecting, it forms a sophisticated tandem with the staircase of sculptural lines.

Youth bedroom

The absolute protagonist is a wall of child climbing, by which the two brothers climb to climb a loft where they can play and read. For the descent they use the steel bar. By opting for a terraced berth, even more space is allowed to play.

Child decoration

Not only do the lamps hang from the ceiling, there are also mobiles with great decorative potential. In addition, contemplating the silhouette of this elephant, for example, that moves subtly, is very relaxing.

Plan and distribution of housing