Lidl's most famous kitchen robot at the cheapest price in the market

Lidl's most famous kitchen robot at the cheapest price in the market


This weekend is going to be unforgettable, and we don't say it because you're going to rest after a long week of work (which too), but becauseā€¦

Lidl will release its famous Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus kitchen robot at the cheapest price on the market: 199 euros! That is, up to five times cheaper than its competitors.

The limited sale of the robot will be staggered: from Saturday, November 23 through its website, and on November 30 at the same price in the 580 Lidl establishments throughout Spain.


In addition to its competitive price, there are few reasons why you should get this wonder. And is that the new version is completely updated with integrated scale (up to 5 kg and cumulative weighing option) and "reverse" function to work doughs and stir soups and stews.

Among its many qualities highlights the cooking function at 1000 w, the whipping (800 w) or the work at a speed that ranges between 120 and 5,200 rpm. As far as the temperature is concerned, it adjusts from 37 to 130 ° C and, for greater accuracy, there is the option of adjustable cooking at intervals of 5 ° C.

The robot has three automatic programs: knead, steam and saute to taste without having to use other pans or pans, so cleaning is assured. Further, It has a removable stainless steel vessel with a capacity of 2.2 liters, and all its accessories (set of blades, baking basket, spatula ...) are dishwasher safe.

his LCD screen it facilitates the user the adjustments of time, speed, temperature and indication of the actual cooking and comes to complete other options, such as maximum speed (Turbo), or lower power (from 1 to 10). But it also offers other practical functions, such as left rotation, which can be regulated thanks to its timer of up to 90 minutes.

As if that were not enough, this new edition has also increased the number of recipes which facilitates users in the form of a cookbook, going from 160 in the previous model to 200 in the current one. Do you still have doubts?

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