A blank kitchen: Territory for the chef

A blank kitchen: Territory for the chef

The owner of this kitchen I wanted a functional space attractive, that would allow him to invite friends to eat when they come to his house. Together with the interior designer Natalia Zubizarreta, responsible for the reform, she looked for resistant designs that would support daily use and at the same time create a cozy atmosphere. He finally decided on the furniture MINOS-E White Seff, from Santos.

The hidden shooters They offer a neat appearance - in fact, they facilitate the cleaning of the doors. And when using the same color in the front and in the base, the kitchen is very harmonious. Lighting was another key aspect, since the owner's passion for the stove led her to spend hours between them. The problem was resolved with recessed spotlights and ceiling lamps on bar and office.

Decoration and styling: Natalia Zubizarreta
Photography: Erlantz Biderbost
Kitchen: SANTOS

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The cabinets were distributed in a U-shape to avoid useless travel. Next to the bar were installed three columns that integrate the pantry, the refrigerator and the microwave over the oven. On the longest side the plate and the sink were located. Over them tall cabinets, which make up the bell, of Balay were installed. Refrigerator, from Bosch. Microwave
It's from Fagor.

With bar. Following the pantry was located a peninsula that serves as an auxiliary work surface. Its countertop extended a few centimeters to the entrance door to use it, too, as a breakfast bar. The area was illuminated with two ceiling lamps, from the firm Ineslam. The stools are from Inclass. Worktop Gray zement, 2 cm, of Compac

Tall cabinets

Tall cabinets were chosen with swing doors. So you can access your content more easily and even leave the furniture open without hindering the step while working. Kitchen designed by Chiqui Sarón, with furniture MINOS-E Blanco Seff, of the
Santos signature.

White chairs

The dining room consists of a table, two benches attached to the walls and a couple of chairs. Banks allow to accommodate a variable number of diners.

Table Sui, from Inclass. Oak wood benches, model N3from Ethnicraft. Chairs Eames, from Vitra. Lamp Acornfrom Northern Lighting. The accessories and utensils are from Maisons du Mondey from Zara Home.

Warmth- In the office, the walls were coated with taupe paint to enhance the feeling of intimacy. The presence of natural materials - such as the wood of the benches and the legs of the chairs, or the porcelain installed in the floor, which imitates the finish of the stone - allows to create an atmosphere that invites you to enjoy the good table in the best Company.


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