An attic overlooking the sky

An attic overlooking the sky

An attic next to Barcelona's port, with views and lots of light, but with everything to do, since its state and distribution were outdated. The owners, a young couple, newly married, without children and with a lot of social life, knew that it could become the house of their dreams, provided they were successful with the reform. Therefore, they entrusted the project and the decoration to the Pia Capdevila Interiorismo & Eventos studio. The first thing: demolition of partitions to achieve a new, very current distribution, with two areas, common and private, well defined.

In the center of the attic and to the left from the entrance, the kitchen was located, open and connected to the living room, an environment that extends into a terrace, recovered taking advantage of the reform. The private area, to the right of the entrance, is accessed through a corridor that leads to two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Other radical changes: the colors and textures of the coatings, and the sheet metal duct installation on the roof so characteristic of the loft. All this recreates the industrial style on the floor. The interior designer combined smooth walls with exposed brick and gave maximum prominence to a front, lined with natural stone slabs. This large irregular surface enriches with its chromatic mix and its reliefs the decoration of the kitchen in white, black and steel.

The continuous pavement, made of gray epoxy resin paint, serves as a conductive thread between the environments, gives cohesion to the project and contributes, together with natural light, to create feeling of more spaciousness in the house. To highlight the interior design, the designs made by the Pia Capdevila studio, from the headboard with tables that "straighten" the bedroom wall, to the low furniture that runs through the entire window of the living room.

Advertising - Keep reading below A lounge in full light

A custom furniture under the window, with different modules and functions, optimizes the space on this wall and mimics it for its white color. Above it, several roller blinds control the entry of light. White lacquer furniture, interior design by Pia Capdevila. Corduroy cushions.

Views over the city

The windows and the terrace offer a formidable panoramic view of Barcelona. The roofs of the buildings and the sky on the horizon are part of the decoration. In the foreground, the dining room with a circular table that facilitates circulation and passage to the outside. Extendable table, by Mia Home Corner. Chairs Gliss, from Pedrali.

Industrial aesthetics

The exposed brick wall and the combination of anthracite gray in the upholstery with natural wood recreate the factory chic style in the living room. The vintage armchair with its aged metal structure stands out. Sofa, chaise longue and coffee table are designs of the Pia Capdevila Interiorismo & Eventos studio. Cushions and picture, by Lu Ink. On the table, accessories, from India & Pacific. Lamp, by Coco-Mat. Armchair, from Little House. Carpet, by Smon Barcelona.

No partitions

With the reform of the attic, a clear distribution and a large room where the kitchen opens to the living room were achieved. The feeling of spaciousness increases with the windows, the entrance of natural light and the terrace.

Functional environment in the kitchen

It was raised as a space with a social vocation at the owners' wish. Two stools and an island with bar form an office that is very practical on a daily basis, but also comfortable when there are guests; They can chat with the chef while cooking. Stools, by Superstudio. Bell, from the firm Elica. White kitchenware, from India & Pacific.

Material contrast

With the back wall in stone, the kitchen gains visual interest and warmth. The irregularity of the pieces and the variety of brown and gray tones create multiple nuances, while harmonizing with the stools and pavement of epoxy resins. Kitchen, designed by the Pia Capdevila studio, with white melamine fronts and black Formica countertop. Natural stone, Neoceramic.

White, gray and steel in the kitchen and office

The beam and the sheet duct, both visible, are key to printing a loft & factory air to the attic. An aesthetic that is enhanced by the continuous screed of resins in gray tone, very industrial. Key in the distribution of space, a custom made sideboard in DM. Table lamp, oval, by Vibia Iluminación. STP pavement.

Chair with sled

The dining room chairs are the Gliss model, from the Italian firm Pedrali.

In the bedroom

A work area was created in front of the window, which does not hinder the room or recharge the environment, because the furniture is stylized and transparent. On the headboard, made to measure in DM and with built-in tables, a geometric white paper with wavy effect stands out. Pilma desk and chest of drawers. Ikea chair. Wallpaper, by La Maison. Painting by Valentine. Picture by Lu Ink. Blanket, by Luzio.

Very well distributed bathroom

The reform allowed to integrate the bathroom into the master bedroom. The porcelain only reaches medium height and the wall painting alternates with a very decorative mural. Washbasin cabinet, by Disa. In bed, yellow and pink cushions, Lu Ink and winged, Filocolore.

Chromatic unit in the bathroom

The walls, tiled in toasted tones, and the work plate, in porcelain mosaic, make the bathroom a very natural and cozy atmosphere. The online distribution, with the shower at the bottom, adapts to the elongated floor. A success, the transparent screen does not visually reduce the space, nor does it hide the plate. Porcelain, Neoceramic. Mampara, by Lasser. Taps, Roca. Toilet, from Ideal Standard.

Plane and ideas

- The feeling of spaciousness is achieved by removing several partitions and creating a single common area with different environments: kitchen and living room, where natural light finds no obstacles. A beam in the ceiling - which could not be removed or hidden, and also reduces the height of the ceiling - and a sideboard behind the sofa are the dividing elements.
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