Simple recipe to make bread at home

Simple recipe to make bread at home

Quantities, ingredients, resting times, baking ... are the aspects that most concern when preparing bread at home. Within the current bio it has become fashionable to prepare our own bread, but not all of us are experts. How about losing your fear at the hand of Ibán Yarza? For those who do not know him, Ibán is a disseminator of homemade bread, a journalist and tireless traveler and by his hand we launch ourselves with this recipe: plain bread without kneading (just rest, rest, knead).

It will be the first step and then there will be no recipe to resist. It is a matter of practice. In the book Homemade bread,from Larousse, you will find many more proposals of this modern bread.


450 gr of bread flour

25 gr whole wheat flour

330 gr of water (66%)

10 gr of salt

5 gr of fresh yeast (or 1.5 gr of dry yeast)

150 gr of seed mix (sunflower, flax, sesame, pumpkin ...)


In this recipe, time does its job, but for the technique to work it is necessary that the dough has a good amount of water. So don't be afraid to add more water than the recipe indicates. After a day in the fridge, the gluten in the dough is forming alone.

1. Dissolve yeast in warm water (at about 25 ° C). Mix all ingredients vigorously with one hand. With the other clean hand, turn the bowl. The dough will be sticky. If it is not, add more water. Let stand in bowl 5 minutes and then fold once. To do this, take the dough as if it were a shovel, carefully stretch and fold over itself.

2. Cover the bowl with film so that the dough does not dry in the refrigerator. Depending on the temperature of the refrigerator, place the bowl on an upper shelf (if it is very low) or on a lower shelf (if it does not cool much or the refrigerator is constantly opening). The next day, the mass gains volume. If it had not grown, leave at room temperature for one hour. 3. Carefully turn the dough over the floured table and form a delicately rectangle.

4. Cut two long pieces of the same size.

5. To decorate the pieces, go through a damp cloth and then through a layer of seeds. Place the bars on a piece of baking paper with some distance between them.

6. Twist the bars carefully until creating a helical bread. Let them ferment for a couple of hours.

7. Preheat the oven to 250ºC with a metal tray at the bottom. When the temperature reaches, put the bars, creating a steam blow first. How? Pour half a glass of water into the hot metal tray. After 10 minutes, lower the temperature to 220 ° C, remove the pan and continue cooking another 25 minutes.

To obtain a crunchier crust, turn off the oven and let the piece rest inside for another 20 minutes with the door ajar.

TRICK: Dare to make not only bars, but also loaves or ciabattes without kneading, for which you must add 400-420 gr of water more.

All the images and explanations of Ibán Yarza belong to the book Homemade Bread, by Larousse.