DIY and fast ideas to decorate your Christmas

DIY and fast ideas to decorate your Christmas

What do you need to put these quick ideas into practice and do it yourself of Christmas? Much care, a dose of creativity and little effort. It's about having a personalized Christmas decoration with hardly any effort. We have come up with practical crafts that anyone could do. You just have to take good note of the step by step. Start the class:


If you find fallen tree branches on one of the country walks, take them. In a vase on a table or in a basket on the floor (larger ones) they will be perfect. Place some weight on the base of the container so that it does not expire and hang Christmas ornaments on your makeshift tree. Look how good it looks! And for the wall? Temporarily save some of the photographs you have hanging on the wall and take advantage of the scarps to hold Christmas wreaths.

Here, we have used holly wreaths, a green crown with pine cones and hanging wooden ornaments for the branches (heart-shaped, spruce, wooden dowels ...); Everything from El Corte Inglés.


On a sideboard or table. Put a natural Christmas touch that emulates the frost of Christmas. In a vase, place some branches or flowers, insert some branches of transparent glass or plastic beads (put the elegant note) and let a luminous garland appear from inside the vase (in addition, so you can hide the accessory of the batteries inside).

In this image also, in the background, three luminous stars can be seen on the wall. We have joined three identical models with silk thread (it is practically invisible), plugged behind the sofa. You will have a very colorful detail, perfect to decorate any corner.


Instead of a ceiling lamp, this natural-inspired Christmas ornament hangs on a table. Tie a rope to both ends of a branch. In the middle, tie several pieces of rope with Christmas decorations. The more handyman can make a hole in the branch with a drill and introduce the rope out there, making a knot in the end. Then, decorate with pineapples and bells, tied, tangled in the rope or glued with a few drops of hot silicone.

Sssshhh, we tell you a secret. On an already made ornament, we have placed mini pineapples and bells on the ropes that go to the ceiling. Done in 10 minutes!


This Christmas surprise your guests at the table. We are not referring only to the recipes, which will surely be great, we think about placing a little detail in its place, wrapped and with a sign with your name. This way you will have a perfect marcasite. Wrap your gift (choose a small detail so that it does not bulge on the plate), tie a string around a cross and finish with a knot or bow. With a mini decorated wooden clamp, attach a sign with the name to the string. Ready!


Here in a corner of the bedroom, to sleep between Christmas balls, but it is an idea that you can take to any corner of the house. Select the Christmas balls that you like, the same or different. Tie a piece of string or ribbon to each one, of different lengths so that they are at various heights, and hang them from the ceiling. It is nice that they come down a lot, almost on top of a piece of furniture or at least up to eye level. On the roof, fasten the ropes or ribbons with pushpins or staples.

Easy, right? And so colorful and resultonas that they are irresistible. All these ideas are made with Christmas articles from El Corte Inglés. Run for them and customize your Christmas. We are looking forward to seeing your creations.