A family home surrounded by nature and decorated with handmade details

A family home surrounded by nature and decorated with handmade details

Miriam Yeleq

Sara Moreno is used to the changes and the truth is that everyone has been very positive. A little over fifteen years ago she met Dani, her husband, and he left her hometown, Burgos, to settle in Madrid. Together they lived in an apartment of 60 m2 in the southern part of the capital until Mateo, his first son, arrived and his birth was a turning point in his career. “I worked as an administrator in an online advertising company,” he tells us, “but I had to quit because I found it impossible to reconcile. So, I looked for an escape from life, I wanted to recycle myself, that my son did not see me as a sad or overwhelmed person, and I began to make loom and macrame tapestries. It was something that relaxed me and made me feel very happy. ”

Thus, with much effort and dedication, Fruto Samore was born, his own signature of handmade macrame items: blankets, tapestries, cushions, poufs, baskets and planters… “Everything you see in my brand is my fruit, the fruit of Samore, a word formed by the first syllables of my name and my last name ”. It was released with the XXL merino wool blankets, although, as she acknowledges, from a young age she felt great interest in DIY ideas and the world of DIY.


The 50 m2 of the hall were organized in different environments.

Basket with plant, Very Much. Miriam Yeleq
“Without a doubt it is where we spend the best time with friends and family. We like to enjoy large meals and long tables, and children can run while I work on my tapestries and Mia, our dog, watches everything from her bed, ”says Sara.

The original house had a fireplace that Sara and her husband threw to make a new one.

Armchair, pendant, from Vackart. Carpets and poufs, from Kenza & Co. The vases come from Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq
“We cover it ourselves. At the top, with a material that mimics stone, and at the bottom, with porcelain. We didn't want any embers or spark to spoil the wood in the floor, ”says Sara.

Shortly after he thought it would be a good idea to install a rail-like beam through which to slide a hanging chair from this corner to the seating area.

Manacor sofa, of Fame. Cushions, by Kenza & Co. and Zara Home. Coffee table and tapestry, in Fruit Samore. MiriamYyeleq

The owner of this house showed her passion for crafts and DIY from a very young age. Then he painted and made dresses to his dolls. Now, as an adult, she is a macramé artist: she makes blankets, cushions, tapestries, planters ... with which she gives each room an original, cozy and cheerful touch.

Miriam Yeleq

Every corner of this house reveals tastes and passions of Sara and her husband: from the loom and macrame pieces or their love for natural plants - "we have everything: a strelitzia, an euphorbia, potos, succulents ..." - to travel, Your favorite hobby. “The last we could do alone, without children, was Japan and the Maldives, and our next family destination we would like it to be Indonesia. We are very backpacking and always try to integrate into the local culture. ”

Shelving, by String Furniture. Miriam Yeleq

Sara confesses that she has many favorite pieces of furniture, such as the living room sofa, the hanging armchair or the bookshelf that we see next to these lines. Leaning on the low furniture, he has placed one of his latest acquisitions deco: a window mirror.

"I felt a crush at the sight of Wallapop, and it cost three times less than in the markets."
Miriam Yeleq
“We adopted Mia, a puppy dog ​​- an Andalusian breed derived from terrier crossings - just over four years ago, shortly before Mateo, our first child, was born. It is very cold, always looking for a warm corner to sleep or to scratch the tripita, one of the things he likes. That, and go for a walk with the children. ”

To make her comfortable, Sara wove a cozy and fluffy bed with a cotton tube. A design that is also available in the online store of its website, Fruit Samore.

The handmade pieces are not missing in the dining room.

Chairs, by Leroy Merlin. Tapestry, by Fruit Samore. Miriam Yeleq
“The table is a DIY that Dani and I did, and now it is one of the most visited posts in my blog. He has been very successful! In it, in addition to the constellations of our children, my husband recorded a beautiful phrase: eat life with you, the best bite. ”


For their guests, the couple has prepared a comfortable and cozy room.

Quilt and cushions, from Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq

“We want them to feel at home. Do not miss anything ”. Hence the shelf to place your things or clean towels ready for use. The Spanish guitar -which was from the grandfather-, as well as the tapestry, the macramé lamp or the small drop-shaped shelf that he exchanged with an Instagram friend, put the personal touch in the decoration.

Vinyl, from Lokoloko. Tiles, washbasin and mirror, by Leroy Merlin. Towels, from Zara Home. Miriam Yeleq

Also reformed with their own hands, the owners are delighted with the final result and very proud of how well they have done it.

“With the blank sink wall, I was going to be very bored. I needed a green touch, but I no longer have time to water so many plants, "Sara laughs." This paper was the perfect solution and gives a sense of depth. "
Miriam Yeleq Miriam Yeleq

In one of the rooms, the owner has set up her workshop, with a very large work table and a sofa to receive visitors.

The shelf is from the firm Astigarraga Kite Line. Miriam Yeleq

"I would rather say that it is the warehouse, because almost all my work is finished in the classroom," he says. Here he keeps racks, looms and all his colorful stock of wool, warps and cords.

One of his last works is this spectacular altar of macramé, which he was commissioned for a wedding.

Miriam Yeleq
"I love the idea of ​​being part of those special moments in people's lives," he confesses. The wooden logs are collected by herself in her long walks in the countryside. “I always look at the ground in search of beautiful sticks. And my son Mateo, happy to help me. ”

Mateo's bedroom is full of DIY ideas

From the decoration of the wall to the box turned into a toy with wheels.

Bed and carpet, from Ikea. Blankets and cushions, by Fruit Samore. Miriam Yeleq
“Mateo always tells me: Mom, how beautiful what you are doing. You already know perfectly what a tapestry and a piece of macramé is. He has even learned to make the tapestry plot. I love it! ”Laughs Sara.


Cast in black. Dare to paint one of the walls of the room in a dark color: you will achieve a magical and enveloping atmosphere.

Miriam Yeleq

So that the environment is not so sober, add textiles and accessories of ethnic style.

Mirrors, plants, empty frames, juju hats, tapestries ...

Miriam Yeleq

Look for simple, creative and very decorative solutions to fill a wall with life. If, in addition, any of these ideas bears the handmade stamp, much better: your composition will be personal and unrepeatable.

Compensate for the shortage of meters in the bathroom with well thought out furniture.

Miriam Yeleq

A visually lightweight design, a towel rail integrated in the front and a shelf where you can store toiletries organized in baskets.

Do you think you have no place to put a closet? Choose it without doors: you will not have to leave a free area in front to open it and create a feeling of spaciousness.

Miriam Yeleq

If you want to keep the interior hidden, close it with curtains.

Miriam Yeleq

In the kitchen, think about your comfort and take action.

Miriam Yeleq

On each side of the plate there should be a clear space of at least 40 cm; and between the hood and the countertop, a distance of 60-70 cm.

Mateo's arrival did not revolutionize only his professional life. “As soon as he was born, four years ago, We feel the need to move to the countryside, we wanted our children to grow up in wide spaces, surrounded by nature ”. So, after two or three months of searching, they found their new home. “We really didn't have a preconceived idea. All we asked was that it fit our budget and that it should not be thrown away. Above all, we wanted him to have possibilities to adapt it to our liking. ” And in that they are. Little by little, Sara and Dani are giving the house a face lift. Floors, tiles, doors have changed… “Sometimes my father helps us, who is a real handyman. He is teaching us and we are finishing off… Well, my husband, ”she explains, laughing, Sara.

Sara's house has become the best showcase, not only of their handicrafts, but also of their creative and DIY skills. “We live in constant reform. After one room comes another, and then another ... I think in ten years we will have finished, ”he jokes. Soon it is time to redecorate Matthew's room. His sister Olivia, one year old, sleeps with dad and mom, but is already asking for room. "Although the house is large, I prefer that they now share a room, games and confidences."

There is no doubt that everyone is delighted with the house. "We have a huge garden, an enviable freedom, peace, a cleaner air ... and a million things we couldn't find in the city," says Sara, who, along with her husband, has designed the perfect home for her family, with A very personal stamp.


Handmade pieces made with knots of this type are trending. The fashion of Do It Yourself and that ethnic, bohemian and natural point so attractive to the environments, are some of the reasons that explain its success.

The tapestries are perfect complements for the bedroom, either as wall decoration or, if the design is large enough, as a headboard. To harmonize with the space, it is better to choose them in neutral tones such as white, beige or toasted.

If you like planters, the ideal is to hang several plants of different sizes at different heights: you will make the composition visually dynamic. They are perfect in the living room! Another option is to use them on the floor, simply as cover covers.

Macramé lamps also devastate - surely you've seen them on Instagram. Off are decorative and on, they offer a suggestive and warm light. With them, you will create a relaxing environment with an exotic point.