How to have a modern bathroom in 8 steps

How to have a modern bathroom in 8 steps

Pablo Sarabia

If you want to give your bathroom a modern industrial style:

Aged metal and concrete are the materials Item of the style factory. In addition, exposed brick and underground type tiles on the walls, microcement or hydraulic slabs on the floor and beams on the ceiling, will be the perfect setting to recreate this look.

Choose straight line sinks, antique, porcelain or microcement, and support them in a wrought iron furniture, open and with an integrated towel rail. It will be more practical if, in addition, it has a lower shelf to place a basket with toiletries.

Pipes in sight, pieces vintage, retro-style lamps and brush strokes in copper will help you boost the industrial style. And to avoid that the set is too cold, do not hesitate to put a green touch, with a small plant or delicate floral arrangements, as well as two or three candles and the occasional fiber detail. Mind you: be moderate.

Advertising - Read on below 1 Choose a modern industrial style for your bathroom Pablo Sarabia

Minimalism and austerity are keys to this aesthetic.

What is the ideal range of shades? White, raw, gray and, of course, black, which will create a clean and elegant contrast. Book it for details such as faucets - they are fully up to date - the screen profiles or for coat racks and sconces.

This bathroom is a project of the interior designer María Ruiz-Mateos.

2 Tab the new coatings Pablo Sarabia

Last September, the prestigious ceramics hall was held in Bologna, Cersaie, where firms such as Roca Tiles presented their novelties. Among them, the collection Terre, which has decorated cladding, such as this hydraulic imitation tile.

3 The paper rolls Pablo Sarabia

Find them a corner where they are located and at hand. You can organize them in baskets, inside the washbasin cabinet or take advantage of the storage potential of the walls and make them part of the decoration. To do this you will have to choose a bookcase with a special design, such as Sisyphus (€ 38.30 approx.). In

4 Brushes and cosmetics Pablo Sarabia

Order your accessories and beauty supplies in organizers or baskets, in drawers and drawers. This will prevent what you store from mixing or fading every time you open or close. Tray with compartments Godmorgon, from Ikea (€ 5/2).

5 Sort towels and toiletries Pablo Sarabia

Keep the towels in a modular shelf that you can design according to your needs and the space available.

String Pocket shelves by String Furniture (from € 125 on

6 New accessories Pablo Sarabia

Now that one click is enough to know what happens on the other side of the world, we choose the bathroom accessories without meeting more criteria than the "I like".

We look for organic textiles, wicker baskets and ceramic accessories to enter our lives and stay to enjoy them daily.

Zara Home bath set: dispenser (€ 12.99) and glass (€ 5.99), both of stoneware.

7 Smile, planet Pablo Sarabia

Did you know that, throughout your life, you will use more than three hundred toothbrushes? And worst of all: many of them will end up in seas and oceans, where they will take centuries to decompose. Faced with this problem, Brushboo arises, an ecological alternative to plastic brushes. Its handle is made with moso bamboo, the packaging It is respectful with the environment and the bristles are made of nylon 4, a biodegradable plastic (€ 4.90, children and € 5.90 for adults).


8 stamped pots Pablo Sarabia

With a window, it is easy to have plants. Choose pots that are not very large so you can place them in the sink area, in front of the mirror, as this will act as a light reflector. De La Redoute Interieurs (€ 34.19 / 2).