See what you can get with recycled materials!

See what you can get with recycled materials!

As soon as you see our proposal, you will not recycle again ... in the containers! Because you will need all those bottles and cartons to create this wonder of deco ideas. You dare?

Advertising - Keep reading below A makeup organizer

It seems incredible that you only need several rolls of toilet paper to get this glamorous makeup organizer ... Decorate them with different gift papers, and that's it!

Pinterest: Real Advice Gal

A headphone case

With the gift pack of Kinder eggs! You only need some markers and a little imagination ... And surely from now on, you will go to the kiosk as if you were 5 years old!

Pinterest: Katharina Corigliano

A very sweet pot

Shaped like a kitten! How is it done? Very simple, use a bottle of detergent or empty bleach, cut it in the shape of a kitten, and paint!

Pinterest: José Javier

A mobile phone holder

A roll of toilet paper cardboard, Washi Tape and 4 pushpins. It's the only thing you need to build this cute stand!

Pinterest: Mª José

A jewelry box for your earrings

As easy as using the wooden ice cream sticks to get this jewelry box-display for your earrings. Paint it in your favorite colors and you will see how beautiful!

Pinterest: Claudia

A very original coat rack

The best thing you can do with that old cutlery is… a coat rack! How do you stay?

Pinterest: M BQ

Very funny pencil holders

Use the cream or shower gel jars to create these fun pencil holders! The thing is to give imagination to the design, but surely the kids love it!

Pinterest: Mary Rocha

A bouquet of flowers

You didn't know you could have such a beautiful bouquet of flowers using a cardboard egg cup? Well yes, you just have to trim, and paint!

Pinterest: Ana María

A bright frame

If you don't know what to do with that collection of scratched discs ... Use them to create a frame for your mirror!

Pinterest: Leda Lavado

A miniature laundry

A bottle of detergent with a miniature laundry inside ... Original is a while, or not?

Pinterest: Esther Molynero