10 tips to make a house easier to sell

10 tips to make a house easier to sell

Your house has been put up for sale for months, are few who come to visit it and none that makes a firm offer? For many laps you give, you don't know what may be failing? It is the moment of home staging, "A real estate marketing technique that emerged in the United States between the 70s and 80s and that serves to prepare our home, strengthening its strengths, to make it an attractive product in the market," they explain from the study Daniela's attic which adds the benefits: «You will increase its value and make it sell four times faster».

In the gallery that accompanies these lines you will find ten keys that will make potential buyers feel a crush as soon as they cross the door of your house. Although, as advised from the study Decolook, specialists in converting homes in the most desired with their service Mind my homeSometimes, the best investment is to go to a good professional "because they know where to go and what to buy in a very short period of time."

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"The lack of cleanliness and order produces a feeling of rejection in the client who is visiting the house," they explain from Daniela's attic. "Do a thorough cleaning, especially in bathrooms and kitchen," they add. It is also important that there are no clothing in sight and that everything is stored in its place so that they do not think that there is a lack of storage space.

A coat of paint

Decolook recommends investing some money in painting. "A coat of paint makes the houses look new. Choose neutral colors that almost everyone likes, such as white (the best option for low-light spaces), broken white or very light gray."

Possible reforms

"If you can afford it, give a wash of face to bathrooms and kitchen, is what enters most by the eyes at first sight", they point out from Decolook.

General commissioning

"Review the house meticulously, make a list of repairs to be done and hire a professional to carry them out," they say from Daniela's attic. "If the potential customer has the feeling that it is a good product, he will not have arguments to negotiate a price drop."

Dispense with what is not necessary

"Look around you and analyze everything you really don't need and it is taking up space. Don't think twice and throw it away," they cheer from Decolook. "Having fewer objects and furniture produces the feeling that the room is bigger," they agree in Daniela's attic.

A neutral decoration

Each person has a taste in decoration, so getting an interior that pleases everyone is impossible. Daniela's attic recommends "a neutral and bright color gamut using whites, grays and beige. It has been shown to be the one that most people like."


"Any client who enters our house should stop thinking that it is our house and imagine that it can be theirs," says Daniela's attic. That is why we have to "remove all personal objects from the client's view: they divert attention and can cause an instinctive rejection," according to Decolook.

Wake up sensations

Daniela's attic encourages us to apply sensory marketing techniques: "They act as seducers and, sometimes, they make us make a final decision. They can be applied in the photo report, recreating a delicious breakfast in the kitchen or a moment of reading on the terrace. During the visit, we must take care of the issue of odors: a well ventilated house, with the aroma of fresh coffee or candles lit in the bathroom will create the right atmosphere. "

Let there be light

"Clear the windows as much as possible, let the light in and make the house look bigger." We take note, Decolook.

The importance of the image

The websites of buying and selling homes are the main search place today, so having good photographs is essential, "50% success in obtaining a large number of visits", for Daniela's attic that recommends making them "With natural light, but if it is not possible, it will help to turn on ambient lights distributed throughout the corners of each room."