A converted home office

A converted home office

"Turn it over like a sock." This is what interior designer Tomás López Amat says he did with this 100 square meter apartment located in the vicinity of Barcelona's Turó Park. Since it was built in the 1960s, the house had hardly changed and the kitchen and bathrooms remained intact. "The floor was uninhabited for years and evidenced one last activity as an office," says the designer, who saw its great potential for the ceilings almost three meters high and the amount of light coming through its windows.

The rehabilitation and change of this habitat "of course certainly tortuous, and excessively atomized spaces" was total. The most private area, with the bedrooms and bathrooms, was placed at the bottom and the day area, at the beginning of the house. He removed a distributor and a hallway and opened the kitchen to the living room, getting a large common space of six by six meters.

The result is an open, cozy and bright apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The spaces follow each other in a natural and fluid way thanks to the great carpentry work done and the furniture designed by Tomás. No sign of the previous office.


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It was an office. Today is a house full of design. In the living room, Habitat armchairs, Casamitjana coffee table, wooden modules Lecabanon, from Le Corbusier in Cassina; Carpet design, by Gio Ponti in Casamitjana.

A table set

In the background, the dining room with chairs Plastic chair, by Charles & Ray Eames in Vitra, design, distributes Casamitjana; lamp Ptolemy, by Michele de Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina in Artemide, and extendable table in maple wood, by Tomás López in Datsira.

Reading corner

In the lounge, rocking chair Plastic armchair, of the Eames in Vitra, floor lamp TMM, by Miguel Milá in Santa & Cole, and CD and TV cabinet in iron design by Tomás López.

Join and conquer

Interior designer Tomás López removed the hall, hallway and partitions from the kitchen and bedrooms to create a large common space.


In the kitchen, furniture in lacquered DM and Silestone countertop, with maple wood stools, in Datsira. All design by Tomás López.


The atmosphere was unified using a floating parquet floor in stained oak.

Light in abundance

Eliminating the partitions, it has been possible to expand the light that enters through the numerous windows to all corners.

Serene bedroom

As bedside tables, wooden module Lecabanon, by Le Corbusier in Cassina, and suspended in iron, designed by the interior designer in Datsira.

Support chair

At the foot, chair 209, by Thonet in Casamitjana. In the background we can see the terrace of the house.

Whole mirror

In the master bedroom bathroom, stool Stoolby Charles & Ray Eames in Vitra.

Knock on wood

Iroko wood countertop surface and sconces Dioscuri, by Artemide, design by Michele de Lucchi (distributes Gaudir Il.luminació)

Gray bathroom

Finishing walls, shower and bathtub in natural slate stone, in Solnhofen.

Case study

In the work area, Habitat table, chairs Plastic chair, of the Eames in Vitra, lamp Pedreraby Barba Corsini in Gubi.


The second bathroom, with the same finishes as the main one.

Have a good plant

Floor plan after the reform.