How to eat (well) outside and not skip the diet

How to eat (well) outside and not skip the diet

Returning from vacation is like entering the world again. In that world where we had a routine that stopped during a period of relaxation and that now, we must resume. This change especially affects feeding. We have less desire to cook, less creativity, less time, everything seems to be slower ... and that makes us eat more away from home. Let us make use of fast and unhealthy meals.

To avoid it, the first step will be strive to find those dishes and places where the recipes fit our diet back. Those snacks that respect our healthy habits to feed us properly and also help our mind, through the body, to return to the routine happily.

Choose fresh, light and healthy menus especially in those hot days in which it seems that summer makes fun of us.

Salads, gazpachos, fresh fish, grilled meat, sauteed vegetables ... It is possible, believe us.

Diana Gonzalez, from Blessed Madness Coffee & Dreams (Prince of Vergara, 73, Madrid), recommends several keys to recover the mood (and figure) through food:

"We could start the meal with a different starter." For example, a salmorejo with a touch of beet and anchovy or ham shavings (one of the star dishes of his restaurant). Beet is a perfect food that helps detoxify the body by eliminating toxins and preventing the accumulation of fatty deposits. It also increases serotonin production, which will help us perform and sleep better, strengthen the immune system and help keep blood pressure at bay.

(Cous-cous dish of Bendita Locura Coffee & Dreams)

Another key is to choose a healthy cold dish as a second. For example, marinated salmon. Being rich in omega 3 and 6, it fights high blood pressure, prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries and reduces inflammation of the body. In addition, it has antioxidant properties and is an excellent source of protein.

And for dessert? Bet on iced teas, such as lemon and cucumber or lemon and elderberry. Infusions, if taken after eating, help improve digestion and find a feeling of fullness without adding calories to food and without feeling heavy. Among them, those that contain exciting substances such as theine or caffeine are especially recommended, for example tea in all its varieties, since they accelerate the metabolism allowing the digestive process to be faster as well.