Take care of your garden in autumn: Tricks, ideas and cold-resistant plants

Take care of your garden in autumn: Tricks, ideas and cold-resistant plants

Seasonal plants, which bloom and withstand the cold well, tools that help you take care of them and green novelties that you will like.

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The dried leaves of the trees form a multicolored tapestry on the ground and give gardens and patios a unique color. But there are also typical autumn plants that bloom at this time to enliven the gray days. You just have to know them. Approach the nursery! Let's see some:

Thoughts: with violet, purple, lilac tones ... perfectly withstand low temperatures. They need sun and a moist soil rich in nutrients.
Margarita Aster: It is considered the autumn daisy. You need good drainage and fertilizer during the cold months to better manage the low temperatures.
Cyclamen: It is necessary to avoid air currents, a good level of humidity and light, but not direct.
Ornamental Cabbages: They need a moist soil but not waterlogged. They endure well in full sun and semi shade.
More options: Marigolds and wallflowers and a fashionable tree, with numerous varieties, the Japanese maple in pot.

Are you looking for new tools?

There is a great variety of qualities. It is not necessary to acquire the most expensive ones to take care of your plants, but due to their short life, the cheapest ones are not recommended.

Choose materials that resist the action of water - stainless steel and aluminum will be good bets - in addition to pleasant and ergonomic contact points for you. In this sense, it is better to use a gouge to bore the ground with the wooden or metal handle covered by a white plastic, than another with an easy-to-break plastic handle.
the minimum torque. Tools (from € 13.99 each) and pots (from € 19.99 / two), from Nordal. More information and tips on tools in the section Yard from

Crystal jar

Plants are a trend in interior design. Taking advantage of space remains a priority, but also creating a small home garden begins to be a must have. And in addition to giving freshness and color ... renew the decoration! As important as choosing the type of plant, it is right with the pots and their location.

Plus style: raise them with a pedestal so that they have more visual impact. From Hübsch: glass jug (€ 70), metal pots (€ 113.05 / set), rattan chair (€ 380) and wool panel (€ 100 / three).

White and gold

Mini plants stand out more if they are placed in an original design pot, like these inverted triangular pyramids. Its stylized golden base guarantees stability and brings sophistication. Pots Trigger, from Umbra (€ 34.39).

Vintage watering can

The success of automatic irrigation is that it provides the amount of water that each plant needs, in a localized manner and with the appropriate periodicity. But ... the flirtatious design of a vintage air sprinkler adds charm to any terrace or garden. Use both systems! Gardman shower, in galvanized steel, 4.5 liters (€ 17.99 at Amazon). Available in more tones.

Physical and emotional well-being

To cure a flu, relieve stress, lose weight or rest better at night, we just have to let ourselves be taken care of by nature ... Plants that heal It is an illustrated guide with practical advice on how to benefit from the virtues of plants in the form of herbal teas, essential oils, juices or syrups.

Buy it here from Lunwerg (€ 23.27).