Eight recipes you never imagined making with oatmeal

Eight recipes you never imagined making with oatmeal

Oatmeal as such is a perfect cereal as a mid-morning snack, for breakfast or mixed with yogurt. It helps lower cholesterol for its beta-glucan content; but it also provides fiber, necessary to have a healthy digestive system. In addition, it contributes Vitamin B1 and B6, iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

There is no excuse, go to the supermarket, buy a package and start cooking with the benefits of oatmeal and other cereals.

Advertising - Keep reading below Quiche spinach with oatmeal

- 200 grams of Quaker oat flakes
- 75 grams of vegetable margarine
- 3 eggs
- Thyme
- Salt
- 500 grams of fresh spinach
- 1 leek
- 100 grams of gouda cheese
- 130 milliliters of cooking cream
- Salt
- Olive oil

PREPARATION: Cook the spinach and drain. Sauté the leek with a little oil. Then reserve both.

Preheat the oven to 180º and grease the mold you are going to use.

In a bowl mix the oatmeal, an egg, thyme, margarine and salt until you get a uniform dough.

Bake the dough for 20 minutes.

Remove the mold from the oven and place the leek and spinach over the entire base.

Add the cheese on top. In a bowl, beat the eggs, cream and salt and pour over the spinach, leek and cheese. Bake again for 30 minutes.

Serve it warm.

Glass of crispy yogurt

- 1 large tablespoon of oatmeal. They can also be other cereals
- 2 tablespoons creamy natural yogurt
- Seasonal fruits, red fruits

PREPARATION: Place two tablespoons of chopped fruits in the bottom of a glass. Add two tablespoons of yogurt and finally sprinkle the cereals.

Oatmeal cake with blueberries and raisins

- 70 grams of oatmeal
- 160 grams of whole wheat flour
- 90 grams of brown sugar
- 2 eggs
- 100 milliliters of milk
- 100 milliliters of orange juice
- 1 envelope of yeast
- 50 grams of cranberries
- 20 grams of raisins

PREPARATION: Beat the eggs with the sugar until the volume is doubled. Add the juice and milk to this mixture (you can choose the type of milk you like best) and continue mixing until a uniform dough remains.

Place the flour with the yeast and the oatmeal in a bowl. Make a hole in the center and gradually add the egg shake. Mix gently until homogeneous.

Add the blueberries and raisins. Line a baking dish with vegetable paper and pour the mixture.

Cover the dough with oatmeal and bake at 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes.

Oatmeal pancakes with blueberries

- 3 mid bananas
- 120 grams of oat flakes, from Quaker
- 100 milliliters of milk
- vanilla essence or lemon or orange zest
- 1 tablespoon margarine
- 2 tablespoons brown sugar
- blueberries
- agave syrup
- blueberry jam

PREPARATION: Mix the bananas, the previously ground oats, the milk, the aroma of vanilla and the sugar until obtaining a creamy and uniform dough.

Heat a nonstick skillet.

Once hot, add a pinch of margarine and add two tablespoons of the dough.

When small holes appear in the dough, turn and leave a maximum of 10 more seconds in the pan.

Repeat the same process with the rest of the dough (2 tablespoons per pancake).

Place on a plate and alternate the pancakes with jam, a little syrup, nuts and finish the plate with a generous spoonful of jam, nuts, cranberries and an extra drizzle of syrup.

Tips: combine with seasonal fruit to make them more refreshing. You can use soy milk or almonds to prepare this recipe.

Oatmeal and blueberry ice cream

- 1 yogurt
- 1 tablespoon honey
- 3-4 tablespoons of oatmeal
- Milk
- Blueberries

PREPARATION: Put the oatmeal in a bowl with the honey and a yogurt (natural or taste you like).

Move everything well until a uniform dough is left and add the necessary amount of milk until the texture is to your liking.

Add the cranberries to the dough and stir again. Pour the dough into ice cream molds and put it in the freezer for 24 hours.

Remove the ice cream from the freezer 1 hour before consuming.

Crispy Oatmeal Cakes

- 150 grams of cereals Cruesli Nuts, from Quaker
- 60 grams of raisins
- 25 grams of grated coconut
- 50 grams of flax seeds
- 100 grams of butter at room temperature
- 70 grams of flour
- 1 egg
- a pinch of salt

PREPARATION: We preheat the oven to 190 degrees. Meanwhile, we beat the butter in a bowl until it is creamy.

Add the egg and a little salt to the butter and stir. We incorporate the remaining ingredients and mix. We arrange the mixture in small balls on a baking sheet, previously prepared with baking paper. Bake for 15 minutes and let cool.

Chocolate and oatmeal smoothie

Another way to enjoy chocolate. A homemade chocolate milkshake made with cocoa cream and oat flakes.

You can also add, to taste, a touch of mint, cinnamon or vanilla.

- A cup of almond milk
- 4 tablespoons oat flakes
- One tablespoon of cocoa cream

PREPARATION: pour a cup of almond milk into a blender bowl and add four tablespoons of oatmeal. We wait a few minutes.

Next, add the cocoa cream and beat the mixture well until you get the desired smoothie texture. Ready!

Green oatmeal smoothie

A healthy and nutritious recipe for your mornings. Green smoothies will provide your body with nutrients and antioxidants. Recipe ready in five minutes!

- Spinach (5 or 6 leaves, to taste)
- Half cucumber
- Half apple
- 1 slice of pineapple
- 3 tablespoons oat flakes
- Water (quantity to taste)
- 4 grams of ginger
- 1 tablespoon flax seeds

PREPARATION: we wash, peel and split the fruits and vegetables and put them in a bowl to beat.

Add the oatmeal, flax seeds and a little water to taste to get the perfect thickness to drink it. We beat everything until it is liquid.

All recipes have been prepared by Quaker. Find out more here.