Floral motifs for your decoration

Floral motifs for your decoration

Stop to think, for a moment, in a life without flowers. What a desolation! Maybe on Mars or in a laboratory it is normal, but on a daily basis, the natural flowers or the floral motifs They are there to accompany us and make us happier.

Designers and decoration firms surrender to their charms and colors when they create a collection, and Interior designers know that they are an infallible resource for conveying emotions. In most homes they are present, regardless of whether it is April, May or December. There must be a reason…

Its visual impact on the decoration. A beautiful floral arrangement on the dining room table changes everything. Natural varieties have that gift. But also on any material they transform a space. In textiles, upholstery, walls, vases, utensils, furniture and in any decorative detail are a plus of style.

Its easy combination with different styles. The English are authentic deco-bestsellers, but the floral diversity is incredible. In addition, as for the designers there are multiple options for drawing, scale and color, the flowers are motifs that adapt well to any trend.

Advertising - Keep reading under Sofa and wicker pouf

Pastel tones enhance that romantic and sweet air of a floral print country chic. Ideal, this chromatic combination on green rhombuses. Cushions (from € 40 each); quilt (€ 119); cup (€ 15.80); and sugar bowl (€ 6.90); Everything, from Greengate. Sofa and pouf, from the Icons collection, by Sika-Design.

Pink porcelain tableware

Flower tableware, a classic in any presentation, can be renewed. To combine prints of diverse flowers and smooth dishes, which intone, and play with mismatched pieces is possible, when harmony reigns. The flowers of the utensils can have a delicate appearance, but their colors must resist well the use and the washings. So it is in the porcelain, of the crockery Rose cottage, by Villeroy & Boch: dessert plates, 22 cm (19 each).

Handwoven Poufs

In constant renewal. Now, pixelated! The color points that make up an image, when it is enlarged, are the pixels. Well that's the cross stitch effect of the collection Canevas, from the firm Gan, hand woven in wool: poufs (822 each).

Satin cotton duvet cover

Dazzling, lilies with watercolor effect on a bright white background. They are maxi motifs combined with stylized fern leaves. In bedding ... not everything will be roses. Duvet cover Antoinette Amethyst, by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera, in satin cotton, with two pillowcases (271).

Floral tableware

The most beautiful floral tableware has an enormous decorative value when not in use. Keep it in mind so as not to keep everything stacked and hidden. They are perfect on shelves and cupboards, as long as enough space is left around the pieces. This was done in this case, with cups (8 each) and plates (6 each), by Cath Kidston.

Floreal wallpaper

The walls gain prominence with lush flowers, which look like in 3D. Spectacular, digital printing of wallpapers from the collection Masterpiece, from the Dutch firm Eijffinger (108.30 / roll), distributed by Coordonné. His inspiration, the work of masters of painting.

Terry towels

The bathrooms have a formidable ally in the flowers to convey a feeling of freshness. The spring look of these terry towels, from Pip Studio, is capable of converting any bathroom, also the interiors, into a more charming and charming space. The one at the door is the model Hummingbirds, in velvety cotton; at 0.55 x 1 m (19.95).