Transform an old sideboard with chalk paint

Transform an old sideboard with chalk paint

It is about giving a new life to a nice but somewhat dated furniture. Chalk painting does not need to be expert to handle it and get a good result. It is applied directly on the surface, without removing previous paints or varnishes - as long as they are not in poor condition.

Source: Leroy Merlin

Advertising - Keep reading below The before an outdated sideboard

In wood and with the original handles of the piece.

This will be the new sideboard

With each drawer of one color, the structure in white and new handles. All the materials used in this step by step are from Leroy Merlin.

Step 1. Remove old handles

Remove the old handles of the furniture with the help of a screwdriver.

Step 2. Repair the holes

Repair holes with wood putty. Apply it with a spatula. Let dry. Take the opportunity to fill some other blow that the furniture has.

Step 3. Sand

Once the putty is dry, sand so that the surface is smooth.

Step 4. Apply chalk paint

Apply the paint to the chalk on the entire structure of the furniture. A neutral tone has been chosen, applied with a round brush.

Step 5. Make the holes of the handles in the drawers

You can drill the holes (at the point where the new handles will go) before painting the drawers or after doing so.

Step 6. Paint the fronts of the drawers

Again with chalk paint, by Leroy Merlin, but in another tone.

In colors

Apply the paint with brush strokes to achieve an aged effect.

This will be the fronts Step 7. Apply wax

Apply a final coat of wax or varnish to protect the paint on the sideboard.

Step 8: Place the new shooters

Fix the new handles once the drawer fronts are dry.