IN & OUT: A house with a pool and spectacular views

IN & OUT: A house with a pool and spectacular views

The good understanding between architects and interior designers is usually a guarantee of a perfect result. To undertake the reform this living place, their owners turned to Miquel Bauza, from the LF91 Project Management studio, who later joined the architect Jaume Alomar, the construction company EPIC Construccions and the decorator Andrea Pussin, from Organic Studio.

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To create a total connection between exterior and interior, make the spaces with glazed surfaces independent, which you can open or close as you wish. Sofa, in Organic Studio. Pouf, from Treku. Coffee table, by Stua. Artistic photography, by Mauricio Fuertes.

Summer lounge

On the terrace, a cozy and comfortable atmosphere was created with a sofa, an armchair and a pair of armchairs, which were distributed in a composition that invites the gathering around the coffee table.

Expormim sofa, armchair and coffee table; armchairs, from BoConcept; floor and carpet lamps, in Organic Studio. Cushions, by Teixidors and Maison de Vacances.

White tables and sun loungers

The house has a wonderful garden with an overflowing pool, from which it is possible to enjoy a bath while contemplating the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

For this area, modern design furniture was chosen that forms an elegant and sophisticated space. White tables and sunbeds, from the Habitat firm. Armchairs with rods, from Expormim, in Organic Studio.

Louver pergola

A slatted structure and canopy canopy, designed by decorator Andrea Pussin, provides shade to the garden's dining area.

Iron table and hydraulic tiles, designed by Andrea Pussin. Chairs, from Kettal and tablecloth, from Teixidors, in Organic Studio. Lamp, by Foscarini. Individual and crockery, Habitat.


In the hall: sideboard Aura, from Treku and carpets, from the firm Gan; Everything in Organic Studio. Pictures by Mercedes Felgueres.

Open to the garden

One of the walls of the living room was replaced by a glass wall, thanks to which it seems that the terrace was an extension of the interior space. To enhance this sense of continuity, in the decoration of both environments the same aesthetic line was followed and played with the blue color as a conducting thread.

Black brush strokes

Contrast clean and elegant. Combine the white of furniture and walls with textiles and blue accessories in very bright tones. You will achieve an environment full of life and character. With black brushstrokes, the set will win in modernity.

Mediterranean air

In the living room it was split from a neutral base, with white walls and upholstery, and blue brush strokes were added as a chromatic resource
to give more life to the environment.

Sofa Alex, from Themes V. Seat Boomerang chill, from Sancal, in Organic Studio. Lamp Nualaof Objekto. Carpet, by Rialto Living.

Open concept

Thanks to a partitionless distribution, the different environments were visually connected. To connect the dining room with the garden, folding glass doors were installed, which open completely or in phases.

Dinning room

In addition to the island, which houses the hob and serves as a breakfast bar, the double height of the ceiling helps to delimit
The kitchen in the dining area.

Mesa, by Etnicraft. Chairs About a chair, from Hay. Ceiling lamps Acornfrom Northern Lighting. Stools Wave, from Stua. Vases, by Rina Menardi and HK Living.

Chairs of different colors

Mixture! Achieve a casual look in your dining room with chairs of different colors. If you do not want to risk too much, play with white tones and natural wood finishes to soften and neutralize contrasts.


In the kitchen, organized on three fronts, the white furniture and the countertop of the same tone multiply the light that enters through the windows. The spike-shaped wooden floor envelops the environment in warmth.
Kitchen cabinets made to measure by Estils and Formes.

Auxiliary parts

The decoration of the bedroom was completed with auxiliary pieces that, in addition to making the stay more comfortable, provide an eclectic touch.
Upholstered bench and Tonella armchair, from Sancal.

Cushions, by Teixidors and Maison de Vacances. Everything in Organic Studio. Picture, by the artist Mercedes Felgueres.

Room with integrated bathroom

The guest bedroom has an integrated bathroom. To delimit the two environments, a wall was built that in the rest area serves as the headboard. The washbasin front hides the shower area and the toilet, located behind.

Wall designed by Andrea Pussin. Bed Ringfrom Treku; Quilt, Teixidors and sconces Scantling,
from Marset. Everything in Organic Studio


The floor of the whole house is made of wood in an intermediate tone, except in one of the suite-type bedrooms, with bathroom and work area, where bush hammered limestone was chosen. This coating, together with the color of the walls, ceilings and carpentry provides an extra luminosity.


In the dressing room: mirror, from the Etnicraft firm; Cane-Line ladder; ceiling lamp, by Ay Iluminate and pouf model Chatfrom Sancal. Everything in Organic Studio.

Washbasin cabinet

Washbasin cabinet, designed by Andrea Pussin. In the work area, chair Flexby Andreu World.

Work zone

The suite guest room was conceived as an open, spacious and comfortable space, which has a bathroom and work area. Both were decorated with custom furniture. Limestone soil offers uniformity and continuity.


At the foot of the bed. Add a plus of warmth in your bedroom with a carpet. In addition to defining the rest area, this textile complement will help you enrich the decoration. In summer, too!

Bed and bedside table

Bed and bedside table, from Treku; model armchair Havanna, from Softline. Carpet, from Liv.


Work headers are a trend. If you are also looking for functionality, choose a design with a niche that acts as a bedside table, and complete it with articulated appliques on each side of the bed.

Mirrors and tiles

Mirrors and decorated tiles alternated in this bathroom, fresh, modern and casual. The shower cabin, located outside, became independent from the rest by a glass enclosure without profiles.

Washbasin area

Take advantage of incoming on the wall with designs that adapt to that irregularity. In this bathroom, the setback was used to locate the sink area, with a custom wooden furniture.

Housing plan Infographic

The initial approach was to join two original constructions to create a open house, full of light, and completely connected to the outside, because it has several terraces with panoramic views of the landscape, garden and pool overflowing.

The next step was to rearrange the interior. In addition to a spectacular double-height living room, with integrated kitchen and dining room, three bedrooms were created - two of them, suite type, with dressing room, work area and bathroom-, and a second living room -which also functions as a guest room- that opens to the pool. The architects also defined a neutral background, with noble and elegant materials, such as natural stone and oak. After the transformation, the decoration proposed by Andrea Pussin sought to create a look of its own, with works of art, custom furniture and design pieces that filled the environments with personality and strength.

The good harmony between the owners and the decorator made his studio to design a good part of the furniture, as well as helping them with the choice of paintings and artistic photographs that decorate some of the rooms. Contemporary designs were combined with brushstrokes of color and textures to achieve modern, warm and timeless interiors.