How to make homemade yogurts to your liking and what yogurt maker you need

How to make homemade yogurts to your liking and what yogurt maker you need

If you are one of those who enjoy delighting in the creamy yogurt and you like it
customize and experience new flavors, in your home you can not miss a yogurt maker

When you go to buy this appliance, keep the following points in mind and you will succeed!

TIMER The yogurteras that have it, have an auto-off function once the fermentation process is finished, so you don't have to be aware of when it ends. If you don't have it, you will have to adjust your activity to the device.

Teamperatura. In order for bacteria to activate and fermentation take place, a controlled temperature between 40 and 45º C is necessary.

CAPACITY. The standard model allows you to make a liter that divided into 8 glasses, is the amount sold in supermarkets. If you are more than 2 at home and eat many yogurts, plan to buy a 2-liter one.

CRYSTAL GLASSES. Most have glass jars where yogurt is fermented and taken. Practical and easy. The other option is a single container that after cooking you will have to distribute.

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Yogurteras and accessories to make yogurts at home:

Yogurt maker Yogurt maker

Buy it here

92,99 €

Go ahead and prepare your own dessert with the yogurt maker Tefal Express multidelices.

Yogurtera Yogurtera XXL

Buy it here

34,99 €

Ideal for large families, it has capacity for 6 glasses and at the same time an extra compartment.

Yogurt Yogurt maker

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37,99 €

MV Power yogurt maker with adjustable thermostat, 37,99 €, on

glass Glass for yogurt

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Take it wherever you want with the transparent glass with spoon and screw cap and space to fill with cereals, red fruits, etc. A very healthy way to have a snack.

glass Refrigerated glass

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12,49 €

This glass has an airtight lid and ice pack to keep the yogurt fresh while taking it on a trip.

colored glass

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13,27 €

Choose your color and do not leave home without your yogurt for a healthy snack in the office.

yogurt Always with you

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Take your yogurt wherever you want thanks to the container Jar to Go de Lékué on

Bifidus Bifidus

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18,36 €

Freeze-dried culture sachets to prepare Bifido-yogurt.

Bowl Bowls

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€ 5/4 units

Serve your yogurt and straighten it with red fruits or cereals. Turquoise bowl Besegra, for sale in Ikea.

teaspoons to enjoy!

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17,76 €

Savor your yogurt with spoons like melamine, from Rice on