Space, light and functionality in this duplex of Nordic airs

Space, light and functionality in this duplex of Nordic airs

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This spacious duplex in the heart of La Rioja, he shouted for a reform that responded to the current needs of its owners: a young and dynamic family that sought wide and open spaces, without losing sight of the warmth and comfort in all rooms.

Although the construction of the building dates from 1997, it was urgent to modernize it with elements that made it more accessible, such as an elevator. In addition, the traditional style of decoration did not respond to the taste of the owners, who wanted to adopt new trends.

Take note This apartment urged order and organization

One of the most notorious changes of the reform was the expansion of housing, when building a new plant with a total of 180 square meters tools. The facilities were also completely renovated, providing the home with the latest technology, such as air conditioning or underfloor heating.

Now the duplex is divided into living room, kitchen, office, two children's bedrooms with bathroom on the ground floor; a private area with suite, dressing room and bathroom; guest room, and a common bathroom.

After an infographic study, having defined the trends and the classic Nordic style that would star in the house, we proceeded to begin the long-awaited work.
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The access is made through the elevator, through a large and bright hall that combines traditional materials such as wood, with others such as glass, giving character to the design. All this harmonized by the softness and elegance of white and stone tones, along with small touches of classicism.

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In the hall, the classic frieze with original columns and mirrors was preserved, modernized by small current details to achieve the classic Nordic style that predominates throughout the house.

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The old hall, with a classic cut and decorated with a range of greens that were too heavy to look at, was cooled thanks to a lighter and more energizing color palette that opts for contrasts, becoming the nerve center of the house.

Some design pieces were used, such as the armchair Egg Jacobsen upholstered in black leather, which creates a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. TPD infographics

The warmth of the Nordic tones predominates, enhanced by the elegance and sobriety of small black and gold details that make this a sophisticated space, chaired by a fireplace by Kamin Klauss in the center of the room, essential in the cold winter afternoons.

Furniture designed by Infographics TPD, and prepared by Perez Losantos Cabinetmaking. Decoration of Maisons du Monde. TPD infographics

It was also played to mix straight and serious forms with organic elements to provide movement to the room.

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The color range of the house is dominated by white tones and organic colors inspired by nature, providing a sense of balance and almost magical serenity.
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All this contrasted by vibrant touches of color such as blacks and golds in the living room and kitchen, pastel tones in the children's rooms, and some wallpapers that fill the rooms with dynamism.

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The staircase is distinguished by a lightweight Nordic design which makes the ups and downs lighter, with certain winks to classicism through strategic details such as the rosette of Tom Dixon's lamps.

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One of the most careful points in this area has been the lighting, seeking different types of light thinking about every moment of the day or mood.

In this way, we find from a general overhead lighting for the moments of greatest light requirement, to the stairway beacons, ideal for nights or indirect wall lighting.

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From the stairs we access the most intimate area of ​​the duplex: the bedroom of the marriage, composed of the room, a large bathroom with shower and bathtub, and a spacious dressing room with a jewel cabinet designed by Infographics TPD, and executed by Pérez Losantos Ebanistería.

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Inside the dressing room, a window open to the stairs provides natural light to the space.
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It is here where the classic style of the house is most firmly imposed. Is about a dressing room of 20 square meters destined to order and functionality when choosing the best outfit To deal with everyday life.

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The jeweler, located in the center of the roomIt is a very useful organizational element to get ready without losing a single minute searching through the drawers, since in our time, time is a scarce commodity.

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The spacious bathroom with hydromassage bath and shower will provide a haven of peace for the inhabitants of the house after a hard working day.
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Through the play of textures, papers and decorative elements, the chromatic harmony is sought in each of the rooms of the house.

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To decorate the children's rooms, Piccolo Mondo was chosen in the girl's room, and by Il Mondo di Alex for the child's bedroom.

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Project and photographs: Courtesy of TPD Infographics.

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