Summer with children Great ideas to make as a family

Summer with children Great ideas to make as a family

Nila Aye

Holidays are an exceptional and unique time to live and enjoy as a family. But it can also be a period of friction just for so much contact. The solution is to offer them plans and activities that they find attractive and interesting. Passion and enthusiasm run from your account: this will be spread!

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There are multiple activities with a minimum cost. You can ride a bicycle: they will play sports and develop their motor skills; visit museums and theme parks; painting, drawing or making crafts will help them develop their creativity and with reading, and the games will enhance their intellect. Invite your friends to a snack or barbecue, so they will interact with new people.

Is it good to cook with them?

It is one of the best tasks you can do with your children. While cooking they learn many things: the origin of food, its flavors, textures, its weight ... Without realizing it, they will learn math, geography, nutrition or hygiene and practice reading with recipes. And, above all, you can instill healthy habits in their diet.

Is it good to go camping with young children?

It is a perfect plan, but it takes everything well prepared before. Choose the plot near the bathrooms and away from rivers or pools, to avoid moisture. Make sure you know how to set up the tent and carry inflatable mats or mattresses. The mosquito net is essential if you go with babies.

In the kit you should not miss an insect repellent, children's pain relievers, thermometer, protective cream ... and, of course, the flashlights for night excursions ... They will excite you!