16 healthy dishes with sweet potatoes

16 healthy dishes with sweet potatoes

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Cut the sweet potato as thin as you can. The finer the crunchier.

The recipe, in Delish.
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Sweet potato and avocado toast

Yes! Of course you can put the sweet potato in the toaster.

The recipe, in Delish.
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Barbecue chicken with sweet potato

You will eat the whole tray.

The recipe, in Delish.
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Ribs with sweet potato chili

This recipe slowly cooks the ribs until the meat comes off. Sweet potatoes and jalapeños round this spectacular dish.

The recipe, in Delish.
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Roasted sweet potato with quinoa, kale, blueberries and feta

A magnificent and complete bowl.

The recipe, in Delish.
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Sweet potato frittata

Simply delicious.

The recipe, in Delish.

Sweet potato, kale and prawns

Sea and mountain.

The recipe, in Primavera Kitchen.
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Bowl of quinoa, sweet potato and beans

It looks too delicious to be healthy. But it is.

The recipe, in Recipe Runner.
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Roasted sweet potato with garlic, herbs and parmesan

This easy recipe needs to be at your dinners more often.

The recipe, in Cooking Classy.
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Sweet potato and bean quesadillas

Healthy Quesadillas? We sign up.

The recipe, in The Pretty Bee.
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Sweet Potato Casserole

A traditional dish that will not make you sacrifice the diet.

The recipe, in Kristine's Kitchen.
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Roasted sweet potato stuffed with beans

Tex-Mex no regrets

The recipe, in B. Britnell.
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Sweet potato brownies

When the zucchini season is over, the sweet potato will be there for you.

The recipe, in Clean Eating Recipes.
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Sweet potato fries with guacamole

Guacamole >>> Ketchup

The recipe, in Del's Cooking Twist.
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Sweet potato toast with banana and granola

A perfect recipe for breakfast.

The recipe, in Oh My Veggies.
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Sweet potato pancakes

Accompany them with peanut butter or maple syrup.

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