Tips for maximum comfort in the bathroom

Tips for maximum comfort in the bathroom

Plan the most appropriate distribution. In addition to the floor and dimensions of the room, the downspouts will condition the location of the toilet and shower. The ideal? Maintain distances that guarantee a smooth flow, free of obstacles. To move comfortably, you must leave at least 60 or 70 cm without shelves and furniture both in front of the sink and the toilet and bidet. In the bathroom area, an idea is to extend the bathtub with a shelf, as well as make niches or place glass shelves on the wall. Remember that in the shower you should also leave a free space around to place towel rails.

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In the bathroom we accumulate all kinds of personal items: boats, baskets, towels and brushes that, if they are scattered around the sink, will create an unpleasant sensation of dirt. Re-issue it with storage solutions that allow you to have the products sorted: from a washbasin cabinet with drawers and shelves or drawers, to an extra shelf or a bottomless cabinet.

Ikea bathroom: Hemnes / Törnviken washbasin cabinet (€ 224).

Do you want to add a touch of style to the environment?

Choose a countertop with floral patterns and extend it along the wall. The model Mexico, by Schmidt, is stratified, an affordable, resistant and easy to clean material. You will find it in 2 and also 4 cm.

At a glance

Play with different materials and finishes to define each of the areas inside the bathroom.

If you do not feel like getting into works, combine the existing coating with synthetic PVC tiles that you can install yourself. These, with ceramic finish, belong to the series So Chic, from Grosfillex. Its measurements are 15 x 15 cm (€ 2.95 each).

Golden highlights

With an aesthetic of classic reminiscences, the series Three-Class, from Tres Grifería, it is available in a wide variety of finishes, including 24k gold (€ 528.77).

What a great duo

Choose a high faucet if you have a counter top sink: the water will fall in the center and will not splash.

Handwash Belted, in Solid Surface, by Bathco (€ 338).

Subtle aromas

Perfume your bath naturally with essential oils, scented candles or handmade soaps.

Create with them delicate compositions so that they also decorate.

This is from Castelbel and costs € 12.

In titanium black

This elegant finish gains ground in the taps catalogs, due to the attractive contrast it creates with the sink.

Model Naia, from Roca, high spout (€ 393.25).

Thermostatic faucet

Thermostatic faucets allow regulating both the temperature and the flow of water.

Shower set Sensea Luka 2, Chrome stainless steel and thermostatic tap.

The sprayer, large, has a rain jet (€ 199). In Leroy Merlin.