An old fish market converted into a loft

An old fish market converted into a loft

He loft Evine, our reader, is located in Bilbao and was formerly a fish market where pallets and old junk were stored. Evine is personal assistant and has training in decoration and interior design, among other subjects. This loft is your personal project. With the help of the architect he created his home of two heights, in which the light has a prominent place.The construction has six windows.

Nothing in it loft It is coincidence. All the pieces have a story behind.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living area of ​​the loft

Our reader Evine managed to realize her dream of transforming an old fish market into a loft that is now her home. The height of the roofs is used with two floors. The staircase is a decorative element that is integrated into the interior design of the first floor.

The color red also in the living room

White enhances the brightness of the house while red strokes are present in all environments.

The living room is next to the stairs through which you access the upper floor.

The kitchen

The kitchen is organized on two fronts and furniture in white and red.

Steel, white and red

The appliances have been chosen in steel.

A very practical office

A high bar-like console, attached to the wall, and red stools make up a office Mini very practical.

For two

View of the composition furniture for two.

Office table detail In the background, the lounge

All main rooms are connected by brush strokes in red.

The hall

The entrance to the house is clear and decorated with a low metal sideboard in red.

In detail

Detail of the decoration on the furniture of the hall.

More storage

On each side of the red sideboard a white metal column.

The entrance door decoration

The entrance door to the loft has been decorated with motifs related to a work.

From the lounge

View of the hall from the living room. The absence of partitions makes the environments communicate visually.

Prohibited the passage to anyone outside this work

A nod to the world of works.

Bathroom on the ground floor

The downstairs bathroom has been decorated in red and white as well and has a toilet, sink and a spacious shower.

Delimited and decorative shower area

The transparent glass screen delimits the shower area without shortening the bathroom and revealing the coverings of the area that have color throughout the room.

The staircase, another decorative element

The spiral staircase through which you access the upper level, where the bedroom and a reading area is located, is another decorative element, painted in red and white.

Detail of the interior carpentry of the loft REMOVE Finishes

The contrast of the white walls, carpentry and closet fronts with the floor is pleasant and successful.

In a corner

A detail of a small corner cabinet of Evine at home.

And from the top floor ...

This is the view from the upper level to the main floor. The glass railing allows the opening sensation of the loft On this level is the bedroom with integrated bathroom and a reading area.

The armchair in the reading area with Evine's pet

Our reader's pet has sneaked into this cute little reading corner.

A jewel lamp

A lamp with arms, red lampshades and glass beads hangs from the ceiling and becomes a jewel piece. Given the height of the roofs of the construction it is very wise to opt for a striking design that "fills" the space.

The main room

The master bedroom has an integrated bathroom. The headboard hides warehouse space.

A very indicative headboard

The headboard wall has been decorated with two signs.

With integrated bathroom

This image shows the glass wall that defines the bathroom, integrated into the bedroom.

The shower area

Detail of the glass partition that separates the shower area from the bedroom. It has a transparent and translucent upper zone that gives privacy to the area.

The main bathroom sink Stop, entrance to the loft REMOVE