How it was possible to join two adjoining houses in a family, functional and spacious house

How it was possible to join two adjoining houses in a family, functional and spacious house

Míriam Yeleq /

When the owners of this Madrid house came up with the opportunity to acquire the adjoining apartment, they did not hesitate. His second son was on his way and, no doubt, they were going to need more space. Thanks to a careful and brilliant reform, the original plant doubled its surface, going from 70 to 140 m2. And best of all, no removals. In addition, the fact that the floors were symmetrical (joined by the living room) was an advantage when it comes to throwing partitions and expanding spaces easily.

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The living room, with two balconies overlooking a garden, was enlarged by annexing the neighboring floor. This amplitude allowed to organize the space in several environments.

The living area consists of two sofas, from Ikea, arranged in an "L" shape. One of them is a recycled crib.


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One of the corners of the room was reserved to locate a cozy reading corner, with an Ikea rocking chair. A vain open on the wall communicates this environment with the kitchen and serves as a plateau.


The dining room, which shares space with the living room area, consists of a table for eight people and chairs of different styles. This environment was completed with a showcase to have on hand the table clothes, Ikea, and crockery.


The kitchen was decorated in white and light wood, although details and accessories in red were added to break the monotony and put a touch of color.


The original home was intended for children, where two bedrooms, a bathroom and a games room were located. In the decoration of the rooms, it started from a neutral base, with white walls, furniture and textiles, to which later red brushstrokes were added in details and complements. All textiles are from Ikea.


In the children's rooms, in addition to a 90 cm bed, a work corner was included, with a desk, a chest of drawers to organize books and notebooks, and a chair.


In the bathroom of the master bedroom, the subway tiles were combined with hydraulic tile. It was decorated with a careful selection of classic pieces, such as the mirror and the chandelier, and contemporary designs, such as the washbasin cabinet.


When annexing the adjoining floor, the house went from 70 to 140 m2. A new distribution was designed with a large room that communicates with a studio; the master bedroom suite type; the kitchen and the children's rooms, which also have a games room and their own bathroom.

BEFORE AND AFTERThe original house, consisting of living room, kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms, was reserved for the use and enjoyment of children. The kitchen became a laundry area, and the rooms gave way to two children's bedrooms, one for each child, and a games room for the little ones. The work was used to paint blank walls and ceilings and renovate the floor with a laminated Ikea flooring, also white, to enhance the luminosity. The lobby and the children's bathroom were covered with hydraulic tile.

IN THE METERS WONThe annexed house was completely renovated. Here, several partitions were thrown, starting at the center, to expand the entrance to the house and the living room. This, when doubling, now has a dining room, reading corner and another terrace. In addition, a second partition was removed, in order to join two rooms and enlarge the master bedroom, which was projected in suite, with integrated dressing room and bathroom. Finally, a third partition was thrown, to create an independent study that is accessed from the living room through sliding doors. The kitchen also gained space, since the clothesline was removed to have a corner for informal meals.

NORDIC CHARMAs for the decoration, the serenity of the neutral tones that revives thanks to the colorful pieces, textiles and ornaments typical of the Christmas holidays.